New release on the way - August 2017!

It's almost 4 months that  Schwarzerblitz is out and - fortunately - gathered an amazing response.

Towards the end of August I will release an updated version with approximately twice as much content as the current alpha, including - but noy limited to:

  •  12+ playable characters (6 starting + 6 unlockable), 
  • 2+ costumes per character (with unlockable 3rd and 4th, depending on the character), 
  • 4 arcade modes (classic + 3 secret modes), 
  • 15+ stages (13 + 2 unlockable stages),
  • introduction to Story mode,
  • in-game tutorial

In the meanwhile, I leave you with a teaser ;) Prepare yourself, 'cause the black lightning's gonna strike twice!

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