Contest! Design a character or a stage, see it in game!

Schwarzerblitz is finally near a new release (coming mid/end August), containing the costumes from the last contest, with twice as much playable content as before. So, let's celebrate with two new contests! You can find the full rules here. I will post a summary on Itch as well!

1. Design an original character for Schwarzerblitz 

Design your own character to be added in-game! Any humanoid or mutant with up to four limbs is welcome. Deadline is 1st September, 2017.

2. Design an original stage for Schwarzerblitz

Design your own stage to be added in-game! The stage can have ring out, weather effects and animated elements. Deadline is 1st September, 2017.

All the entries have to be submitted as drawings / screenshots of any kind. No 3D model file allowed, if not via screenshot.

So, show me your creativity and let the Black Lightning strike!

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