Schwarzerblitz - alpha+ is ready to rock!!!

As you may have thought seeing the change in header and the general update to the page, Schwarzerblitz: Alpha+ is available for download!

This basically means that the new version of the game is ready to be played.

Now, for the changelog...
  • The number of playable characters has been increased from 6 to 13 (plus a little surprise). All previously playable characters are available, the only difference is that Skeleton has become unlockable, while Renzo is now in the starting roster; also, the Arcade boss, Donner, can be now legitimately being played!
  • The number of stages has been increased from 9 to 17. Some stages have been slightly modified (Dead Zone Desert has now some additional "sand" effect, Door to Heaven has a totally different background). Ring out mechanics has been fixed - in the previous iteration, you could literally fly through some walls, after being sent out of the ring;
  • An interactive Tutorial mode, which covers the game basics has been added;
  • Additional content can be now unlocked by playing the Arcade mode;
  • A Story mode stub has been added in the current release. For now, only three episodes are available, but more will come in the future;
  • The character selection screen has been revamped, making it easier to select costumes and stages; also, Ring out can be switched off in Free Match, during the stage selection;
  • Improved HUD: now, when the Trigger button is kept pressed, the bullet indicator will glow orange, showing that you can use it to perform a trigger attack;
  • Game mechanics have been tweaked: now it's possible to perform aerial attacks during a jump and to avoid projectiles via side-step;
  • Training mode now shows which move is being performed and the relative input; the training dummy can't move on its own, but this will be improved in a future release;
  • Some costumes (as Blade Aural for Shaz) do not occupy a character slot but have unique interaction and names;
  • Three additional Arcade modes have been added: Trigger Happy (infinite bullet counters), Insane (no health regen between rounds + the opponent must win only once to win the match), Quicksilver (1-hit K.O.).

That's all for now! If you find any bug, do not hesitate to contact me!!!

Thanks a lot for all your support - you have no idea how much this meant to me! 


Schwarzerblitz - alpha+ version 254 MB
Aug 20, 2017

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